Let me introduce myself.


I’m Samuel Roland, a Montana-based videographer who specializes in wedding videography. Weddings are such a special part of an incredible love story, and I would love to help you tell yours! Travel isn’t an obstacle - near or far, I want to be there for you. You can see examples of my recent work and hear testimonies from happy clients on my Gallery Page.


Here are a few highlights of my life.


My wife




Cereal and milk



After you’ve answered the few questions on my contact form, we’ll set up a phone call to get acquainted. (This usually takes 30 minutes or less, but we can take as long as needed.) In this meeting I would love to hear your dreams for your wedding day, and answer any questions you have! My goal is to make this process as fun and comfortable as possible.

My Style:

  • Fun is Key. Making your day an absolute blast is my first priority, because you and your guests will look best when you’re enjoying yourselves!
  • Beauty is Candid. I work to create a comfortable setting that helps draw out your natural personality. My style of capturing who you authentically are usually requires very little posing.
  • Quality is Everything. I go into every wedding ready to film my best work yet, so you can remember and relive the emotion and joy of the day all over again for years to come. 

I deliver a feature film of your wedding day that embodies all the excitement from the first loop of the necktie to the last slice of cake. Total length will range from six to eight minutes, and of course I can deliver longer videos upon request. Turn-around time for delivering your completed video will vary based on lead times and season, but you can expect me to keep you up-to-date on expected delivery date as I work! I want to tell the story of your wedding day in a creative, fun, sentimental way that’s every part as unique as you are. The first step is easy - just hit the button below and let’s start a conversation.

Dream Team

If you’re also looking for a photographer for the big day, I primarily work with my wife. She’s an A-list wedding photographer - not even biased. If you’re looking for a full-package team to cover all your wedding media needs, let’s talk!

Here’s a little bit about her...


Kristin Jean

I believe stories get heavier the longer they’re kept inside.

I believe in the power of my self-indulgence - even to the point where I give a birthday gift a month early because I don't want to wait.

I believe we were not designed to go through life alone.

I believe in messy relationships.

I believe I can take on the world...after a cup of coffee.

I believe scents are the secret doorways to our best memories.

I believe “I love you” can never be expressed enough.

I believe creativity is shattered when we are told what color is best and where to put it.

Here is our story...

Stage 1: The beginning

Met at a conference

Barista Buddys (Shots! Shots! Shots!)

Sam asks Kristin out. Kristin says No.

Two days later: Kristin changes her mind.


Stage 2: I wanna date... Lets wait

Held hands. Sparks Flew.

Sam asked Kristin out again. Kristin's dad said no. Kristin agrees.

Two days later: Kristin changes her mind.

Sam + Kristin Pic Web.jpg

Stage 3: "I still wanna date" // "I still wanna wait"

Sam waits...

And waits...

And waits...

Still waiting...

Sam thinks the time has come. Kristin still says no.

Two Months later… Kristin changes her mind.


Stage 4: Sam’s turn

Kristin asks Sam out. Sam (justifiably) says no.


Stage 5: Let's start over

Hard Conversations.

Sam Falls in love.

Kristin Falls in Love.

Sparks Fly.

Sam Asks Kristin out. Kristin Says no.



Stage 6: The pursuit

Sam says he will not stop pursuing.

Kristin says YES!


15 months Later... Wedding bells


New Beginning: Marriage.

Instagram:     @samuelrolandfilms