Let me introduce myself.


I’m Samuel Roland, a Montana-based videographer who specializes in wedding videography. Weddings are such a special part of an incredible love story, and I would love to help you tell yours! Travel isn’t an obstacle - near or far, I want to be there for you. You can see examples of my recent work and hear testimonies from happy clients on my Gallery Page


Here are a few highlights of my life.


My wife




Cereal and milk



Kristin Jean

I believe stories get heavier the longer they’re kept inside.

I believe in the power of my self-indulgence - even to the point where I give a birthday gift a month early because I don't want to wait.

I believe we were not designed to go through life alone.

I believe in messy relationships.

I believe I can take on the world...after a cup of coffee.

I believe scents are the secret doorways to our best memories.

I believe “I love you” can never be expressed enough.

I believe creativity is shattered when we are told what color is best and where to put it.

Here is our story...

Stage 1: The beginning

Met at a conference

Barista Buddys (Shots! Shots! Shots!)

Sam asked Kristin out. Kristin said No

(two days later) Kristin changes her mind


Stage 2: I wanna date, lets wait

Held hands // Sparks Flew

Sam asked Kristin out again. Kristin's dad said no. Kristin agrees.

(two days later) Kristin changes her mind

Sam + Kristin Pic Web.jpg

Stage 3: I still wanna date. I still wanna wait

Sam waits...




Sam thinks the time has come. Kristin says no.

Two Months later… Kristin changes her mind


Stage 4: Sam’s turn

Kristin asks Sam out. Sam justifiably says no.


Stage 5: Restart

Kristin and Sam Start over

Hard Conversations

Sam Falls in love

Kristin Falls in Love

Sparks Fly

Sam Asks Kristin out. Kristin Says no


Stage 6: The pursuit

Sam says he will not stop pursuing

Kristin says Yes!


15 months Later... Wedding bells


Final Stage: Marriage


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