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I love stories. Ask anyone who knows me, when I tell a story, I always tell the long version. I put the same effort into my films. I believe every detail matters.

Every business has a story and stories connect us all. My goal is to get to the heart of the business and tell the story that we all want to hear.


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Kincaid Creative

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the process

Before we ever get to filming, we spend the time to craft the story. The words, the scenes, the feel all come together to help people experience your unique business. 

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Do I need to have a concept already developed?

No. If you have an idea of what you want to do, that is great, but we can work together to create the concept that will best achieve your goals.

Do you work by yourself or hire a crew?

The preproduction stage (concept development, storyboarding…) will almost always be just me. Depending on what we land on for the concept, I sometimes bring on crew members to operate lighting, audio, or other aspects of the filming. And then I finish out the project and edit everything myself. 

Do you have packages?

No. I make custom quotes based on the project. I send out a questionnaire and do a free 30-60 minute consultation to chat about the project and give a custom quote based on that meeting. All projects start at $1000.

“Being a creative myself, I knew it was best to let him have complete creative control if I wanted to have something that reflected his talent, it was why I hired him in the first place! He got every shot, the edit was perfect, and I love the end result”

– Holly Kincaid (Kincaid Creative)

“I went to Sam to create a video for my Reformer Pilates studio. I wanted to capture the energy of the workout and the feeling of the space so that when people watched it, they would feel a taste of what it felt like to be in a workout with me. He did this SO beautifully! He perfectly captured with the music and the film what I wanted to portray to an audience to get them excited to come into my studio!”

Bethany Beal (Bethany Joy Pilates)

“Sam is a genius. He is an artist of his craft. Working with him to make this video was an absolute pleasure and I can’t wait to make another. It’s such a pleasure to work with crafts people from our community, building relationships, and ultimately getting the best possible product.”

Ben Harman (Fieldhouse)

“Sam has the ability to boil our story down to 30 seconds (or 15) and still tell the essence of who we are. He is creative and sees the world through a unique lens. He is a collaborator and an extension of our team. He is fearless in trying something new. He brings a fresh perspective and a keen eye.”

Eva Urlacher (Altana Federal Credit Union)

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